In the 2019-2020 academic year, the BHS Innovation Fund launches these new programs that foster the culture of innovation throughout the school:

  • Experiential Physics for 9th grade, a robust, new physics course that develops scientific, engineering, and entrepreneurial skills to teach students collaborative approaches to designing solutions to today’s problems. Faculty Leads: Julia Mangan, Jennifer Spencer, and Stacy Kissel (Science)
  • Hub/Advisory, an updated approach to school-wide Advisory that emphasizes community and connection among students and faculty in a homeroom-style setting. Integrating BHS and PSB practices such as Finding Yourself in the Curriculum, Mindfulness (both Innovation Fund initiatives), and Restorative Justice, HUB will be responsive to the always-changing needs and concerns of the entire high school. Faculty Leads: Emily McGinnis (World Language) and Beau Morimando (Special Education English) HUB co-leaders
  • Brookline Lens, a career-focused arts elective that gives students the opportunity to learn business management skills as part of a student-run production company that provides photography and videography services to the community. Faculty Co-Teachers: Thato Mwosa and Lori Lynn (Visual Arts)
  • The BHS Innovation Fellowship, supporting a faculty member to explore an area of interest while serving as a catalyst for innovation in the BHS community. The 2019-20 Fellow will focus on integrating climate impact and global sustainability topics into the BHS culture and curriculum. Faculty: Roger Grande (Social Studies, Global Leadership, Social Justice, Tutorial)

In addition, the Fund continues to support Finding Yourself in the Curriculum, a school-wide initiative that serves as a vehicle for learning about self-identity; building empathy; promoting awareness regarding power and privilege; inspiring action; and embedding course-specific curriculum around social identities.

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