Finding Yourself in the Curriculum

Launched 2019/Year 1 of 2

The FYC program is a school-wide initiative that connects students, teachers, and school leaders and develops a deeper understanding of identity through classroom curricula and adult learning opportunities for faculty. FYC will serve as a vehicle for learning and reflection about self-identity, for building empathy for others, for promoting awareness regarding power and privilege, for inspiring action, and for furthering the content goals of each individual course. This program will allow all BHS teachers to embed thoughtful, course-specific curriculum regarding many aspects of identity, with emphasis on the “Big 8” social identities: race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, ability, religion/spirituality, nationality and socioeconomic status (Johnson, 2006). Through this more coordinated and dedicated effort to assemble, showcase, develop, and implement identity-based course content school-wide, BHS can ensure it reaches, hears, sees, and values each and every one of its students.

During its two years of funding, the FYC Teacher Leader team (Julia Rocco — English, Elizabeth Crane — Science, and Marika Alibhai — Math) will work with all school departments to develop social identities curriculum standards per grade (or skill) level. They will also collaborate with teachers in each department and program to synthesize the exemplary work teachers already do, so that a more unified, coherent set of teacher-designed materials and curricula can be shared school-wide. In addition, FYC will explore inclusive pedagogical models, as well as supports and interventions, which allow everyone to be heard, seen, and valued. The FYC Program will meet these individual needs by including everyone in the curriculum, and community needs by having a curriculum that represents our demographic diversities.