About the BHS Innovation Fund

Watch our new video

Watch our new video

​The BHS Innovation Fund provides grants for BHS faculty and administrators to develop new courses and programs that are innovative, interdisciplinary, and forward-thinking. Funded initiatives are designed to improve academic achievement for all students at BHS. They enrich the learning culture, prepare students to thrive in an increasingly global and complex world, and energize faculty by encouraging new curriculum development and experimentation.

Organizational Structure and Funding

The BHS Innovation Fund is a parent-led, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization within Brookline High School. Our work is solely supported by private contributions from parents, alumni, local businesses, and members of the community. While public tax dollars finance the major operational and capital needs at Brookline High School, they do not cover supplemental faculty time to explore and create new courses and programs with a particular focus on innovative approaches to education. Learn more about how to donate here.


The BHS Innovation Fund employs a part-time Director, Stacey Zelbow, who works with our Boards, focusing on finance and governance; and a part-time Program Liaison, Erica O’Mahony, a BHS faculty member who connects the organization and the entire BHS faculty body. Working in collaboration with BHS Curriculum Coordinators and individual teachers to design, develop, and cultivate proposals for Innovation Fund program and planning grants, the Program Liaison also supports the success of currently funded programs. Contact our staff here.

Board of Directors

The BHS Innovation Fund is governed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors. The board is responsible for the strategic direction of the Innovation Fund, including: the effective oversight of the Innovation Fund’s program development and evaluation; budgeting and fundraising; and the overall operation and good health of the organization. Board members include BHS parents/caregivers, alumni and parents of alumni, and members of the Brookline community. Individuals elected to the board serve three-year terms. The board meets six times a year. Most directors also serve on at least one committee. Learn more about joining our Board of Directors here.


Maureen Fallon, Chair • Deborah Fung, Vice Chair • David Weisner, Treasurer & Clerk

Board of Directors

Oliver Bardon • Sara Berkson • Helen Cheng, Assistant Treasurer • Seth Finkelstein • Masu Haque-Khan, Nominating & Engagement, Chair • Rob Lawrence • Andrew Liteplo • Jodi Maciag • Mona Mowafi • Nitish Nahata • Polly Ross Ribatt, Fundraising, Chair • Eric Sillman • Lesley Solomon • Anna Sollami • Benjamin Stern • Andrew Tratz • Dawn Tringas • Molly Yancovitz

Ex-Officio Members 

Dr. Linus Guillory, Superintendent of Schools • Mary Beth Landrum, Chair, Board of Advisors • Anthony Meyer, BHS Head of School • Sarah Moghtader, Liaison, School Committee • Jodi Fortuna, Deputy Superintendent of Schools

Emeritus Members

Wendy Gordon, ‘67 •  Arthur Segel, ’69 • Elizabeth Zachos


Robert Weintraub, Headmaster, 1998-2011

Board of Advisors

The BHS Innovation Fund Board of Advisors plans and coordinates Fund communications, outreach and recruitment activities, as well as fundraising and community events. Advisors also serve as the Fund’s ambassadors to the BHS community, and help our supporters connect with our mission. Learn more about joining our Board of Advisors here.


Mary Beth Landrum

Board of Advisors

Jennifer Amigone • Maria Arado-McDonald • Annemieke Atema • Jennifer Casas • Joyce Chen • Adi Eldar-Lissai • Katerina Fialkovskaya • Elizabeth Gardner • Nir Gertner • Jennie Greene (Communications Committee, Co-Chair) • Natasha Goldman • Jennifer Hunt • Mary Lochner Hurwitz • Gene Keselman • James Kessler • Adi Kitov • Anne Le Brun • William Nancarrow (Program Committee, Co-Chair) • Robert Neer • Dipu Patel • Charu Puri-Sharma • Tracy Shupp (Communications Committee, Co-Chair) • Eli Silk (Program Committee, Co-Chair) • Olga St. Clair • Shannon Tolis • Jennifer Wells • Audrey Winter-Driben • Melissa Hale Woodman



  • bhsinnovationfund@psbma.org
  • 617-713-5201
  • 115 Greenough St Brookline, MA 02445