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Our Mission:

The mission of the Innovation Fund is to empower the BHS faculty and community by fostering a culture of innovation and supporting the development of new ideas and initiatives that will enable our students to thrive in the 21st Century.

The Brookline High School Innovation Fund CATALYZES INNOVATION at BHS. The Fund ENERGIZES BHS FACULTY.

Our goal is to INVEST IN COURSES, PROGRAMS, FORUMS AND RESEARCH that help administrators and faculty continue to deliver excellence in an evolving world. After a three-year testing and evaluation period, successful investments in new courses become permanently funded by the town of Brookline. We serve as venture capital for public education.

We are a Fund for Students, Teachers, and the Community

Our Future

In school year 2016-2017, the Board voted to adopt the name The BHS Innovation Fund to communicate more clearly its unique mission and desired impact on public education.

Our Beginnings

In December 1998, a small group led by then-Headmaster Bob Weintraub gathered at the home of Sandy (’51) and David Bakalar to discuss an idea that would allow Brookline High School to continue (into the 21st Century!) its long-held leadership in testing new ideas in public education. Many of the attendees were alumni of the high school and parents of students at the school, and some were both alumni and parents. There has never been a shortage of ideas at Brookline High School but, like at every public school, funds are not always readily available for new approaches. For answers to questions that started out with “What if we tried…,” the guests at the Bakalar home that night decided to start by turning the question around: “What if you had the money to try?” During the next year, more than $400,000 was committed, most of it that night, to launch the Fund. A great many individuals, families, foundations and corporations have joined the effort since then, but we have a special debt of thanks to that forward-thinking group we call our Founders.

Robert (’45) & Betsy Abrams
Warren (’59) & Jan Adelson
Sandra (’51) & David Bakalar
Bay State Federal Savings
BHS Alumni Association
Sandy (’69) & Carolina Bloomberg
Brookline Bancorp
Cornelia Brown
Harold (’41) & Maura Brown
Ronald Brown (’53)
Peter Carman (’59)
Miceal & Nancie Chamberlain
Helen Charlupski & Joseph Biederman
Julian Cohen* (’42)

Steve (’59) & Miriam Comen
John Cragin & Marilyn Fife
Reuben Daniels (’87)
James Davis (’61)
Lew Eisenberg & Nancy Farrell
Lois (’45) & Hank* Foster
Laurel (’45) & Orrie* Friedman
Deborah Goldberg (’71)
Peter (’66) & Wendy (’67) Gordon
Susan Gordon
Edward Haber & Jamie Logan
Nancy Hawthorne
Helios Foundation, Linda Jacobs
Sheila & Irwin (’63) Heller
Chobee Hoy

Eric Jackson (’63)
Ira (’66) & Martha Jackson
Robert (’59) & Myra* Kraft
Joel Leavitt (’46)
Norman (’61) & Sondra Levenson
Nancy Lincoln
Bob & Syrul Lurie
Betty Morningstar (’70)
Richard Morningstar (’63)
Conan O’Brien (’81)
Lynn & William Osborn
Margie* (’51) & Bert* Paley
Steven Rosenfeld & Margot Botsford
Daniel* (’41) & Susan Rothenberg
Stephen Ross (’66)

Jonathan & Eve Rounds
Carl Sapers (’49)
William Sapers (’46)
Donald Saunders (’52)
Roger Saunders (’47)
Arthur Segel (’69)
James (’63) & Mimi Segel
Douglas & Nanci Sharon
Harry Silverman (’60)
Alan (’66) & Susan Solomont
John Spooner (’55)
Richard Thaler (’69)
Mike Wallace* (’35)
Robert Weintraub
George Weiss (’61)
Edward Zuker (’65)