For Faculty

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1-3 years — available funding: dependent on year
2 teachers may co-teach; FTE course release option

Develop a school-wide initiative that engages students (example: Mindfulness) or faculty (example: Finding Yourself in the Curriculum), -OR-

Create a unique interdisciplinary class that didn’t previously exist (example: Drawing for Understanding in Field Science) or that builds on prior Fund class exploration (example: Engineering Innovation & Design), -OR-

Support an underserved population at BHS (example: African-American and Latino Scholars).

1 semester — available funding: $500-$1500

Try a new idea or introduce a mid-semester module. Typically used to support planning activities (example: Math Department tested heterogeneous groupings during one unit across three different ninth grade classes).

With a shorter and quicker application process than Program Grants, Planning Grants can lead to Program Proposals. Open to all faculty, individually or as a group.

1 year — available funding: dependent on year
No administrative responsibilities; FTE course release option

Conduct a self-directed project that advances the culture of innovation for faculty or students at BHS (example: study and report on best practices for classroom innovation, create an online video resource for other departments).

What does the BHS Innovation Fund do?

We foster a culture of innovation at BHS. We support the development of new ideas and initiatives by investing in courses, programs, forums, and research that help BHS faculty and administrators continue to deliver excellence in an evolving world. Typically, after a two to three-year testing and evaluation period, successful investments become permanently funded by the town of Brookline.

How does the BHS Innovation Fund support teachers?

By funding your time: Faculty receive a 0.2/0.25 FTE release from their current teaching schedule to teach or lead an Innovation Fund course or whole-school initiative (can also include summer prep time).

By funding your ideas: Apply for a Planning Grant to try out an idea or module, or plan ahead for a future Program Proposal. Apply to be our Innovation Fellow and work on a self-directed project.

By funding your curriculum-focused concept: Submit a Program Proposal for a new class or school-wide program. Participate in one of our grant-writing workshops this fall to hone your vision.

Program Grants

What are the current opportunities and deadlines?

  • Oct 9: Presentations in Department meetings and Quick Pitch Request for Proposals released on email
  • Nov 8: Deadline for Quick Pitches (rolling) and Applications for Proposals released on email
  • Nov 16: Collaborative time Grant Writing session in 231
  • Nov 30: Collaborative time Grant Writing session in 231
  • Dec 3: Full Program Proposals due
  • Dec and Jan: Proposals selected for consideration will present to the Program Committee (evening meeting)
  • March — May: Proposed Programs are notified of approval and funding
  • Spring Semester: Applications for Planning Grants will be available

The Fund has invested $5.8 million in 30 programs over the last 20 years. We will invest over $200,000 to support the following programs and teachers in the 2018-19 academic year:

Engineering Innovation & Design
(Aubrey Love and Andrew Maglathlin)

The Mindfulness Initiative
(Liz Gorman, Fran Kuehn, and over 20 more faculty and staff)

Finding Yourself in the Curriculum
(Marika Alibhai, Liz Crane, and Julia Rocco)

Innovation Fellowship
(Eli Williams)

Program Liaison
(Astrid Allen)

We look forward to working with you!

Planning Grants

Planning Grants provide funding to explore ideas quickly and easily. They can scaffold a future course proposal, or they can simply allow for shorter-term exploration. Applicants can be individuals in the faculty or administration, or groups. The Innovation Fund supports our community’s culture of innovation, academic experimentation, interdisciplinary collaboration, and engagement with ideas beyond BHS.

Contact Astrid Allen at for additional details and proposal submission guidelines.

BHS Innovation Fellow

Innovation Fund Mission

Our mission is to empower the BHS faculty and community by fostering a culture of innovation and supporting the development of new ideas and initiatives that will enable our students to thrive.

Innovation can be described any number of ways, and can be demonstrated in many contexts. The Fund’s intention for this position is for the Innovation Fellow to serve as a catalyst for innovation in the BHS community in a variety of ways:

  • Help spark interdisciplinary conversation and collaboration among faculty
  • Seek out examples of innovation outside the walls of the high school that could potentially be adapted for BHS
  • Work with BHS administration and the Innovation Fund to support innovative projects and ideas, small or large, that develop at BHS
  • Engage with the Fund’s growing social media presence
  • Support Fund initiatives and events

The Fellow will be expected to take initiative and be largely self-directed. The position will not include any direct administrative responsibilities. The Fellow will be expected to provide a report to the BHS Innovation Fund Board of Directors in May that summarizes achievements and challenges of the fellowship year.

The Fellow will work within the mission and vision of the BHS Innovation Fund; within the goals, mission, and values of Brookline High; within the priorities of the Brookline High 2020 vision; and within the priorities and strategic plan of the Public Schools of Brookline.

The Innovation Fellow will have a release of .2-.4 FTE and reports to the Innovation Fund Board of Directors and the Headmaster.


If you have any questions, please contact the BHS Innovation Fund Program Liaison Astrid Allen

Did you know these programs were all launched by the BHS Innovation Fund?

Racial Awareness

Film as History/
History as Film

Engineering Innovation & Design

Global Leadership EPIC /
a Senior Year Alternative

Drawing for Understanding
in Field Science

Perspectives of
a Mathematical Mind

Social Justice Leadership Program

Engineering By Design

Good Citizen in a Good Society

Medical Interpretation
and Translation

Arts Infusion Lab

Family Partnership Program

African-American and
Latino Scholars Program

BHS Tutorial

Finding Yourself
in the Curriculum (IC)
Mindfulness Initiative

BHS Writes/The Writing Center

Ithaka Advisory Program

Political Literacy Innovation Fellowship

Innovation Summit

Headmaster Action Plan
(BHS 2020 Groups)

Content Reading Initiative

Tripod Project/
Critical Friends

Teachers Mentoring Teachers