Engineering Innovation and Design



Aubrey Love (Engineering) and Andrew Maglathlin (Art) aim to bring BHS fully into the “Maker Movement,” nurturing our young inventors, designers, artists and tinkerers and preparing them to design and produce for the future.

Engineering Innovation and Design builds on the success of Engineering by Design, which was seeded by the Innovation Fund in 2007. The new course aims to keep pace with students’ growing ambitions by providing in-house opportunities to move beyond 2-D drafting and into the creation of real (3-D) products.

The student-centered, project-based, multidisciplinary curriculum integrates principles of design and aesthetics. It challenges students to interpret real-world engineering and design problems utilizing the “makerspace” — a collaborative setting where students will share their various skills and angles of interest to tackle engineering problems — to conceptualize, design, test, refine and actualize solutions. The addition of this course to Brookline High’s engineering offerings will contribute to the school’s long-term vision of developing of a cohesive Engineering pathway at BHS — a pathway with various entry points, allowing access to a diverse body of students with varying interests and different degrees of experience in art and engineering.

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