News from the BHS Innovation Fund

Q&A: Drawing for Understanding in Field Science

BHS Visual Arts teacher Donna Sartanowicz describes the evolution of the Innovation Fund Class, “Drawing for Understanding in Field Science.” How did you come up with the idea for the course? It came from a workshop that Jill Sifantus, a since retired biology teacher...

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Pathways to Success

BHS 2013 alum Siena Fried describes the impact of Innovation Fund class, “Drawing for Understanding in Field Science,” on her career. In 2012, Siena Fried was a student in the pilot class of “Drawing for Understanding in Field Science,” supported by the BHS Innovation...

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Genesis of the Fund

First, came a tragedy. In 1980, Andrew Warren Lurie, a Brookline High School graduate in his freshman year at the University of Chicago, died of an infection at school. Years later, his parents, Bob and Syrul Lurie, came to Bob Weintraub, the headmaster of the high...

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C-SPAN’s StudentCam 2018 Video Documentary Competition

The Brookline High School Innovation Fund is proud to announce national recognition in C-SPAN's StudentCam 2018 Video Documentary Competition for BHS students Chloe Janes, Bryan Zhu, and Romy Meehan for their film, Under Siege. Responding to the...

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Interview with Superintendent Andrew Bott

February 16, 2017 Jessica Eber: As a high school parent, I’m most interested in hearing you talk about your vision for BHS. I’d like to start by asking you to describe it. Andrew Bott: The Education Plan for the high school spelled out a vision for BHS through a...

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Catching Up with the Racial Awareness Seminar

The Racial Awareness Seminar is a year-long sophomore elective that was seeded by the 21st Century Fund in 2016-2017. This seminar-style class is designed to foster students’ capacity to reflect on and speak effectively about racial identity, and to create a learning...

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A Conversation with Aubrey Love & Andrew Maglathlin

A conversation with Aubrey Love (Physics) and Andrew Maglathlin (Art) about Engineering Innovation and Design, the class they are currently developing with support from the 21st Century Fund 21CF: Let’s start with a description of the new class. Andrew Maglathlin:...

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