Board of Directors

The BHS Innovation Fund is governed by its Board of Directors, a body made up of volunteers from the community and representatives of important constituent groups. Several members of the board are BHS alumni and many more are parents of current or former students. The board is responsible for the strategic direction of the Innovation Fund including the effective oversight of the Innovation Fund’s program development and evaluation, budgeting and fundraising, and the overall operation and good health of the organization. Individuals elected to the board serve three-year terms. The board meets six times a year. Most directors also serve on at least one committee.


Ellen Rizika, Chair

Maureen Fallon, Vice Chair & Nominating Chair

David Weisner, Treasurer & Clerk

Members of the Board

Irene Abrams, Program Committee, Co-Chair

Ted Arnstein

Sara Berkson

Helen Cheng, Finance, Vice Chair

Denise Jefferson Casper

Steven Davis

Seth Finkelstein

Masu Haque-Khan

Steven Luby

Shibani Sain Rao, Fundraising, Vice Chair

Polly Ross Ribatt, Fundraising, Chair

Lesley Solomon

Benjamin Stern

Dawn Tringas

Ex-Officio Members

James Marini, Interim Superintendent of Schools

Susan Wolf Ditkoff, School Committee Liaison

Vacant, Deputy Superintendent

Anthony Meyer, Head of School

Mary Beth Landrum, Co-Chair, Board of Advisors

Louise Shah, Co-Chair, Board of Advisors; Vice Chair, Fundraising Committee

Emeritus Members

Wendy Gordon, ‘67

Arthur Segel, ’69

Elizabeth Zachos


Robert Weintraub, Headmaster, 1998-2011

Board of Advisors

The BHS Innovation Fund Board of Advisors serve as the Fund’s ambassadors to the community, and help our supporters connect with our mission. Advisors plan and coordinate Fund outreach and recruitment activities, along with fundraising and community events.

Mary Beth Landrum, Co-Chair

Louise Shah, Co-Chair; Vice Chair, Fundraising Committee

Mark Barer

M’Lissa Brennan

Stacey Downey

Hilary Elkins

Elizabeth Gardner

Jennie Greene

Jennifer Hunt

Mirna Kassir

James Kessler

Adi Kitov

Hope Krakoff

Gregory Lawrence

Mara Littman, Communications Committee, Vice Chair

Heather Maloney

William Nancarrow, Program Committee, Co-Chair

Christopher Noe

Claudia Ordonez

Nick Peterson

Michele Rozen, Communications Committee, Co-Chair

Elizabeth Schlosberg, Communications Committee, Co-Chair

Bonnie Sherman

Georgia Smith

Lara Szent-Gyorgyi





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  • 115 Greenough St Brookline, MA 02445