Planning Grants

Request for Proposals

Have a great idea for BHS? We want to give you a fast and easy way to get funding for your inspiration. This year we are offering multiple opportunities for Planning Grants of up to $500-$1500 each, to help you implement your new idea. Grants are available to all faculty, individually, as a group, or to a faculty member who leads a student group.

The Innovation Fund supports our community’s culture of innovation, academic experimentation, interdisciplinary collaboration, and engagement with ideas beyond BHS.

Proposals should address:

  1. The idea you are exploring: Possible examples include: the gender gap in academic courses and/or career fields; bringing the outside world into BHS; involving BHS students in community involvement; exploring alternate teaching concepts; interdisciplinary research
  2. What is innovative about your idea? Recent examples of similar grants: Spring 2014 seed money for EPIC (Senior Year Alternative); Fall 2015 Innovation Summit; follow-up grant to develop the Mindfulness Initiative; Spring 2016 – Exploring Teaching Culture in World Language Classrooms; Spring 2017 – Online course design in the ACE program
  3. What is your outcome? For example: outline of a Program Proposal to the Fund for the fall of 2018; a presentation or seminar; a BHS event for students and/or parents; a white paper; a book proposal; an art or research project

Proposal Format: one page maximum description, one page maximum for budget

  1. Your contact information, your department
  2. Project Details:
    • Name of project
    • Description of project: When, where, what, who, why? How is it innovative? Why is it important for BHS and community?
    • Proposed outcome of the project
    • Project timeline
  3. Project budget: total amount applying for and how it will be spent
  4. Submit your proposal to Stacey Zelbow, Fund Director: Contact Astrid Allen, Program Liaison to the Fund, for questions or help.

Proposal Timeline:

Planning Grants announced December 1, 2017

Applications due January 12, 2018

Winners announced early February, 2018

Completed projects presented at Across the Boards Meeting May 15, 2018


If you have any questions, please contact the BHS Innovation Fund Program Liaison Astrid Allen


Submit your proposal as an attachment via email to: Stacey Zelbow, Fund Director