Current Innovation Fund Programs

Each year the Innovation Fund receives proposals from BHS faculty and staff for new program and course ideas. Current programs are those that have been accepted and are in the three year testing period. Click on a photo above or a program below to get more information.

Racial Awareness Seminar (launched school year 2016-2017) — A year-long co-taught sophomore year Social Studies elective that explores the complexities of race within our national, local and high school communities. This seminar-style class is designed to foster students’ capacity to reflect on and speak effectively about racial identity, and to create a learning community that embraces and is empowered by the rich diversity of identities and perspectives at BHS.

Engineering Innovation and Design (launched school year 2016-2017) — Currently in its planning phase, this year-long Engineering/Visual Arts course will integrate the principles of engineering and aesthetics in order to allow students to move beyond 2-D drafting into the creation of real (3-D) products that are functional and aesthetically pleasing. The program leaders aim to create a “makerspace” at BHS and to revamp the BHS engineering pathway.

Film as History/History as Film (launched school year 2016-2017) — A year-long Social Studies/Visual Arts co-taught course that explores how history is documented in written form and documentary film, helping students maneuver both word and image to be truly effective communicators in the 21st century.

The Mindfulness Initiative (launched school year 2015-2016) — A school-wide initiative that integrates strategies for managing stress and building resiliency, transforming BHS into a healthier, less stressful place to learn and work.

Innovation Fellow (launched school year 2015-2016) — The Fellow is a BHS faculty member serving as a catalyst for innovation in the BHS community, sparking interdisciplinary conversation and collaboration within the school and supporting innovative projects and ideas at BHS.

EPIC (launched school year 2015-2016) — The Experiential, Project-based, Innovative Capstone program offers seniors a new way to take charge of their learning by providing a high-quality, hands-on, project-based experience centered around their own interests.



“This course got me interested in the kinds of math I used to like, but had let fall by the wayside in recent years, like game theory and problem solving. I really loved getting to see both the practical aspects of math and the more fun, creative aspects. I also learned a lot about the role of women in math history through my final project. I’m really glad I took PMM because it proved what my math teachers had been saying for years — math is all around us.”

Nina Goodheart '14

Perspectives of the Mathematical Mind